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Volunteer for the Phone Crew

The success of renewing funding for nearly 5,000 adults and kids with developmental disabilities rests on our ability to get out to vote.  Our phone outreach effort is designed to contact likely voters and remind them to get out to vote for Issue 3.

We are looking for volunteers to staff our phone banks.  With a high success rate you’ll be talking to your friendly neighbors.  We’ll supply the phone, script, t-shirt, pizza and friends.  Bring yourself, bring your neighbors, just show up!  The phones are programmed and easy to use.  All volunteers for the week will be entered into a weekly drawing for a gift card.  The phone bank is housed at UDS in Akron.  Sign up here!

Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board, or Summit DD, will ask voters to approve a six-year renewal of its 4.5 mil operating levy on November 7 general election ballot, known as Issue 3.  The passage of Issue 3 is critical to ensure that 4,700 adults and kids with developmental disabilities continue to be connected to services that help live their lives to the fullest.

Issue 3 is not a new tax, and will fund services from 2019-2024.  If it passes, there will be a 0% tax increase in Summit County. Residents currently pay $11.50 per month, per $100,000 home valuation. This will NOT change if the levy passes in November, and Summit DD will continue to receive the funds it needs to empower people of all abilities. This levy represents approximately 80 percent of Summit DD’s funding

My Story – Audrey

“I was really upset when I had that first ultrasound. Is she going to be able to walk or play? I had all sorts of fears for her,” shared Audrey’s mother Clarissa. Audrey was born without a fully developed lower leg. But through a partnership between Summit DD and the University of Akron School of Engineering, Audrey “now tackles everything just like every other kid, and then some,” Clarissa continued. This innovative partnership was created by Summit DD staff in order to meet the unique needs of the kids they support. Over the course of many months, the engineers volunteered their time and developed an adaptable prosthetic that Audrey could wear comfortably and grow into. With the new prosthetic, Audrey is now accomplishing so much. “The sky is the limit for her,” shared Audrey’s Summit DD Developmental Specialist, Bethanee Davis. Read More ›

Five Easy Ways to Spread the Word Online

Help us pass Summit DD’s levy, Issue 3, on Nov. 7 by becoming a social media ambassador! Don’t worry, it’s super easy and we’ve mapped out five easy ways you can help spread the word to your Facebook friends, family, and coworkers! Read More ›

Little Amelia

When a child is diagnosed with a developmental disability, it can be very challenging for a family. Recent estimates in the United States show that about one in six children from ages 3 to 17 have a developmental disability. Read More ›

Support Summit DD Media Contact Information

About Support Summit DD:

Summit DD’s levy campaign is run by volunteers from Support Summit DD and is funded 100% from donations – not tax dollars – which is why every donation, large and small, counts!  The passage of Issue 3 provides crucial funding for essential services and supports to more than 4,700 kids and adults with disabilities.

Media Contacts:

For media-related inquiries, please contact:

Billie Jo David
Campaign Coordinator
p: 330.634.8073
Tricia Perduk
Campaign Volunteer
p: 330.634.8877

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General Inquiries

For all non-media inquires, please visit the Contact Us page.

Person-Centered Planning Goals

Person-centered planning is at the heart of Summit DD’s service coordination model. They strive to connect people to the services and supports that allow them to drive their own future. It’s inspiring to watch someone take control of their destiny and achieve great things. Ann Marie is certainly a role model to others when it comes to determining your own future and inspiring others. Read More ›

Tony’s “WONE” Goal

We all set goals for ourselves. Goals are what keep us moving forward. To accomplish any goal in life, you typically need three things: a passion, a plan, and a little assistance from those around you. Just ask Tony. Read More ›