Summit DD Stats

Why is Summit DD's Replacement Levy important?

By voting FOR Issue 17, you're giving more than 5,000 children and adults with disabilities the change to live a healthy, safe and equitable life. This replacement of Summit DD’s 4.5 mill operating levy will fund essential services from 2025-2030.

What happens if the levy fails?

  • Critical Early Intervention services will be discontinued for more than 700 kids age 0 to 6.
  • Support and funding for 400 Special Olympics athletes will be discontinued.
  • Support that assists more than 1,300 teens transitioning from school to adulthood will end.
Chart of Summit DD service trends.

Empowering Children

William, a child who receives Summit DD services, using his walker.

One thousand children from birth to age 6 receive essential Early Intervention Services from Summit DD.

Summit DD supports more than 1,300 people with complex needs, a coexisting mental health diagnosis along with a developmental disability.

School-age support to ensure a successful transition from school to work.

Empowering Adults

Ryan, an adult who receives Summit DD services, learning about employment.

More than two thousand adults have their community-based day programs coordinated by SummitDD.

Summit DD coordinates and funds residential support for more than two thousand adults.

Summit DD provides support and funding for more than 400 hundred Special Olympics athletes.

Empowering Community

Jason, a man who receives Summit DD services, with his disability provider.

Summit DD monitors more than five hundred private providers to ensure safe and quality care.

$ million

Summit DD's investment in the Medicaid program invests and additonal $113 million of federal dollars directly into the local economy.

To ensure health and safety 1,300 reports impacting persons-served are investigated, including abuse and neglect.