Travis, a young man who receives Summit DD services, on a swing.

Travis’ Story

“People tend to look at Travis and think he is your average child. There is nothing average about Travis! Learning to accept each child for themselves as an individual is important,” shared Travis’ mother Tonigail.

Travis attends Total Education Solutions (TES) for his school-age supports. “TES has helped with his confidence and awareness!” commented Tonigail.

“Travis has attended TES for a number of years. Everyone knows him there and he loves it!” shared Travis’ Summit DD Service and Support Administrator (SSA), Michelle Tokar. As his SSA, Michelle helps Travis and his family navigate the disability system, ensuring that all their needs are met at every step in life. “Recently, we accessed Family Engagement Program funding to pay for summer camp so he can maintain his routine and relationships all year round,” said Michelle.

“We have been working for quite a while to find a Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC) provider to help Travis when his mom is working and he is out of school. We finally found someone (Ruth, an independent provider). She just started, but Travis really seems to like her!” continued Michelle.

When asked how Summit DD services have impacted Travis’ life, his mother replied “…he has blossomed into the young man he is today. He is much more aware of himself and those around him!” Tonigail concluded that she “…would like to see Travis migrate into the world and make his unique way, he loves to earn money so I would love to see him get a job where he can earn. He takes so much pride when he is applauded for doing a good job!”

Summit DD will be here to help Travis every step of the way. In fact Travis used to attend Summit DD’s retired Calico Daycare program many years ago. The Summit DD team has been privileged to see him grow and excel over the years. Check out his old Calico photos below!

Summit DD is a levy funded government organization that provides and coordinates essential services for more than 5,000 people with developmental disabilities throughout Summit County. Whether it’s early intervention services for a newborn child or retirement services for a senior citizen, Summit DD provides a lifetime of support for those eligible for our services. By voting for Issue 17 on November 7th you ensure these services for your neighbors, classmates, coworkers and friends with developmental disabilities.

Travis, a young man who receives Summit DD services, many years ago.

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