Jason, an adult who that receives Summit DD Services, with his disability provider.

Jason’s Story

Meet Jason. Through an essential Summit DD program, Jason has access to crucial assistive technology devices that help him access the world. Using digital braille devices, Jason can email and text on his computer and cell phone with family, friends and support staff. He has become so skilled in the technology, that he trains other individuals who are deaf and blind by working for a federally funded program called, I Can Connect. Watch his story below!


Summit DD, in partnership with Techvrse, a local technology company, have also equipped Jason’s home with a NEST Smart Thermostat and an Air Fryer that he can control using his digital braille device. This assistive equipment helps to empower Jason and provide more autonomy.

Summit DD is a levy funded government organization that provides and coordinates essential services for more than 5,000 people with developmental disabilities throughout Summit County. Whether it’s early intervention services for a newborn child or retirement services for a senior citizen, Summit DD provides a lifetime of support for those eligible for our services. By voting for Issue 17 on November 7th you ensure these services for your neighbors, classmates, coworkers and friends with developmental disabilities.

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