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Large group of Issue 17 Supporters smiling and holding signs

We Need Your Help – Poll Greeters

We need your help on November 7 to help us staff poll greeter spots at high turnout polling locations. You can select your location using our handy sign up. Make sure you include your t-shirt size (we will try to get your size but quantities are limited, first come first serve)! You can grab your sign from your front yard or use one provided. Our volunteers will assemble your poll greeter kit to include a shirt, literature to hand out if people would like, and some fun orange swag to pick up prior to your shift.

Poll Greeting Tips

  • When should poll greeters be present? We recommend having coverage during the busiest
    times, at a minimum. Typically, polls are busiest from 7 – 9 am, 11 am – 1 pm, and 5 – 7 pm.
  • What literature should poll greeters pass out? We would recommend passing out overruns of
    any of the mailers. It’s not necessary for all volunteers to pass out the same literature.
  • What should poll greeters wear? Comfortable shoes, layers of clothing, sunscreen, and an
    umbrella or raincoat, incase of inclement weather. Campaign branded apparel such as t-shirts
    provide great visibility for the campaign. Please note that campaign apparel may not be worn
    within 100 ft of the polling place entrance; if you need to enter the polling place, apparel must be
    taken off or covered up.
  • What should poll greeters say to voters? Smile, hand them a piece of lit (if using) and say,
    “Please support Issue 17, which supports disabilities services in Summit County!” or it may be
    helpful to have a notecard with basic answers to FAQs handy. However, you can be assured that
    most voters aren’t looking to chat.
  • Where should poll greeters stand? Polling locations will have markers (usually cones or flags)
    marking the 100 ft mark from the entrance to the polls. You can stand anywhere beyond those
    designated points. If you have questions on where to stand, the poll workers should be able to
    give you directions specific to your polling location.
  • What about signage? Poll greeters may hold signage in support of an issue, if desired. However,
    signage must be held by a volunteer and cannot be freestanding (i.e. signs can’t be put into the
  • Will there be restroom facilities available? Restrooms are available in the polling location. Do not
    forget to take off or cover up your campaign shirt and do not take in any literature or solicit within
    the 100 ft mark.
  • What do I do with materials at the end of my shift? You can feel free to recycle any leftover lit
    and signage at the end of your shift. Your t-shirt is yours to keep!
  • Who should poll greeters contact if something seems amiss at the polling location? Contact
    the Summit County Board of Elections (330-643-5200) or the Voter Protection Hotline (1-866-OURVOTE). If you have any levy-related questions, please reach out to Billie Jo David (216-509-4005).
Travis, a young man who receives Summit DD services, on a swing.

Travis’ Story

“People tend to look at Travis and think he is your average child. There is nothing average about Travis! Learning to accept each child for themselves as an individual is important,” shared Travis’ mother Tonigail. Read More ›

Five Easy Ways to Spread the Word Online

Help us pass Summit DD’s replacement levy, Issue 17, on November 7th by becoming a social media ambassador! Don’t worry, it’s super easy and we’ve mapped out five easy ways you can help spread the word to your Facebook friends, family, and coworkers! Read More ›

Marvin, a senior citizen who receives Summit DD services, celebrating his graduation.

Marvin’s Story

Meet Marvin. In 1964, he was set to graduate from Woodridge High School. However, after some confusion on a few class credits, he had to stay another year. Throughout his schooling, Marvin experienced unbearable bullying from fellow classmates. And in his final school year, it became too much to bear. So sadly, Marvin never received his diploma. Read More ›

120 Young Adults Benefit From Locally Funded Jobs Program

Did you know that Summit DD’s Summer Youth Work Experience and Career Exploration Program is just one of the many initiatives funded by local tax dollars provided by Summit County residents? Because of you, 120 young adults with developmental disabilities gained valuable work experience this summer! Read More ›