Sample Letter to Editor, Parent in Early Intervention

Dear Editor,   

Issue 17 is on the November 7 ballot to support the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD). The passing of this replacement levy is critical to our community, particularly children under six years old who currently receive early intervention services. My son/daughter (name) and our family depend on these services on a daily basis. 

Summit DD provides more than 700 children with early intervention services. My own child has benefitted from this service, as it has helped [state the specific benefit].   

By voting YES on Issue 17 on or before November 7, we are ensuring that all supported by Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board will continue to receive the services they need to thrive. Passing the levy in November locks the value that you will be assessed on at today’s value, not the reappraised value that goes into effect in 20204. A vote for Summit DD is a vote for me!  



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