Sample Letter to Editor, General Public

Dear Editor,

The Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) is a critical resource for our community, whether or not you or your family is directly served. Issue 3 on the November 7 ballot is NOT a new tax and will not cost voters additional money.

There are thousands of individuals who are served either directly or indirectly by Summit DD. Our county benefits from millions of dollars in federal Medicaid funding for Summit DD, and several thousand individuals with developmental disabilities and their families receive supporting services through private providers. The programs Summit DD coordinates help to ensure all citizens, regardless of ability, are included in the community.

The best thing about this levy is that our county can continue receiving these benefits without paying any additional taxes. This is a renewal levy, meaning that residents will not see any change on their taxes if it passes.

Issue 3 will allow Summit DD to continue funding services for programs such as early intervention, recreation, Special Olympics, day programs, respite and employment for more than 4,700 adults and kids. Many individuals find employment in the community, and it is wonderful to see them engaged and working in the community in various businesses.

I encourage all residents to vote for Issue 3 on November 7. It is critical for this to pass and maintain the services we provide to individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.


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