Sample Letter to Editor, Parent

Dear Editor, 


As a parent of a child with developmental disabilities, I would like to urge everyone to vote for Issue 17, Summit DD’s replacement levy. Summit DD supports thousands of neighbors like myself and my [child].


My son [daughter] is one of the more than 5,000 individuals in Summit County served by Summit DD.  Because of Summit DD, my son/daughter [State specific benefit].


If Issue 17 fails, critical services my son/daughter depend on could be in jeopardy and people who are newly eligible would need to wait for available funding. Passing the levy in November locks in the value the tax is calculated on at today’s value, not the increased value effective in 2024.


I urge you to vote YES on Issue 17 on or before November 7. By voting YES for Issue 17, you’re empowering more than 5,000 children and adults with disabilities to live a healthy, safe and equitable life. It is critical to pass this levy in order to maintain the essential services that impact the lives of thousands of individuals and families, just like mine, across Summit County. A vote for Summit DD is a vote for me!





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