Five Easy Ways to Spread the Word Online

Help us pass Summit DD’s levy, Issue 3, on Nov. 7 by becoming a social media ambassador! Don’t worry, it’s super easy and we’ve mapped out five easy ways you can help spread the word to your Facebook friends, family, and coworkers!

  1. Be sure to visit the Support Summit DD Facebook page and give us a like!
  2. Share the Support Summit DD Facebook page with all of your friends.
  3. When you see us post, feel free to like, comment, send us a smiley face, or click share!
  4. If you volunteer for our campaign or put a Summit DD Issue 3 levy sign in your yard, take a photo, tag the Support Summit DD Facebook page, and use the hashtag #YourVoteEmpowers, #VoteForSummitDD #VoteFor3.
  5. And finally, post as much as you’d like from your own personal Facebook page about how important Summit DD is to people with disabilities! If you’re at a loss for words, no worries, because we’ve pre-written some posts that you can simply copy, paste, and publish! Download them here. Also, please feel free to use our Facebook profile pic as your own!

It’s official! You’re now a social media ambassador for Issue 3. Thank you for helping us continue to fund essential services for more than 4,700 children and adults in Summit County. Together, we’re building a community that includes people of ALL abilities!

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