Sample Letter to Editor, Disability Service Provider

Dear Editor,

Issue 3 on the November 7 ballot is critical not only to the individuals served by the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD), it is also critical to our local economy. As a small business owner operating in Summit County, I manage a [state which service, residential, transportation, day program] serves individuals eligible for Summit DD services. In order to maintain the services currently offered to thousands of individuals across the county, I urge you to vote YES on Issue 3.

Serving individuals with developmental disabilities is my passion. Thanks to the support of Summit DD, our program has empowered individuals to live their lives to the fullest. Each year the Summit DD coordinates supports for more than 4,700 adults and children. Without the coordination and funding that this levy generates for Summit DD, none of this would be possible.

As a partner agency of the Summit DD, my business relies on funding from the Board. This funding supports the operations of our [state which service, residential, transportation, day program]. If Issue 3 fails, our ability to continue to provide these services and employ direct care professionals will be in jeopardy. We cannot allow this levy to fail.

Above all else, remember Issue 3 is NOT A NEW TAX. Since this is a renewal levy, residents will see a zero percent increase in the taxes they currently pay.

Vote for Issue 3 on November 7 to help disability service providers like myself continue to work with Summit DD to empower people of all abilities.


[Partner Agency]

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