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Sample Newsletter Articles

You can help Support Summit DD spread the word about Issue 3 by including articles about the campaign in your email or print newsletters.  Please feel free to make these articles personal but here are some short articles your can include.

See the fall 2017 edition of Aspire by United Disability Services for a sample message from the CEO here.

Sample Newsletter Article

Summit County voters will find Issue 3 on the Nov. 7 ballot, a proposed renewal levy for the county Developmental Disabilities Board. More than 4,700 adults and children with developmental disabilities rely on this funding for essential services. This is not a new tax and will fund services from 2019 – 2024.  This funding makes up more than 80% of Summit DD’s funding.  It is essential that we continue this funding by voting for the levy.  If the levy fails, services like early intervention for kids and families, transition support to help teen gains jobs and support for Special Olympics would be discontinued.  I urge you to vote for Issue 3.  Vote early in-person or by absentee or go to the polls on November 7th.  Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about Issue 3.  Sign up for a yard sign to show your support.  Our communities are stronger when they include citizens of all abilities, make your vote empower abilities on Nov. 7th.  More information about Issue 3 can be found at SupportSummitDD.com.