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Issue 3

Jasen Sokol Talks Issue 3

Issue 3 was the hot topic on the Jasen Sokol Show. They got into the importance of getting out to vote and the many new and innovative ways Summit DD is helping families, individuals and communities across Summit County. Listen to the entire segment here.

On the Air with the Ray Horner Morning Show

Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk and campaign coordinator, Billie Jo David had the opportunity to talk with WAKR’s Ray Horner on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Listen to what they had to say about Issue 3 and Summit DD. Hear the interview here.


Roommate Adventures

Look out Lucy and Ethel, you’ve got competition! Gina and Sherwanna are not your typical roommates. Sure, they share a house, bills, residential staff and even meals, but what sets these two apart from other roommates is their desire to share adventures together!

Gina and Sherwanna have been roommates for five years. “[Gina] is great at telling you a story,” shared her Summit DD Service and Support Administrator (SSA), Dayna Jacobs with a grin. “She is always complimenting those around her and she is a good friend to many. And she loves to travel!”

Sherwanna is the quieter of the two friends, but is certainly up for any adventure where Gina is concerned. The roommates share a love for travel that continues to strengthen their friendship. “Sherwanna is a sweet woman. She is extremely flexible and easy going,” Dayna said. “They are roommates and great friends,” she continued about the two.

Dayna explained that the roommates really value their independence. Their residential staff from the Blick Center (who are more like extended family in Gina and Sherwanna’s eyes) help the women take care of day-to-day things. Staff members assist them with residential needs within the home, paying bills and getting them to medical appointments. Meanwhile, their Summit DD SSA, Dayna, handles the coordination and monitoring of all of their support services and secures the funding needed for these essential services. The supports around them allow Gina and Sherwanna to focus on the things that matter to them most, like traveling.

Sherwanna-Gina-AirportGina-Sherwanna-Bus-tourSherwanna-EbonyEbony-GinaSherwanna Simmons posing for a photo in her home with her SSA Dayna Jacobs.Gina Pirillo posing for a photo in her kitchen.

Ebony Thompson, the ladies’ house manager from the Blick Center, has known Gina for about 10 years and Sherwanna for about five. “They’re like family,” she said fondly. “We have a really close relationship.” She went on to explain that not only are the ladies like family to her, but also to each other. “I like to send them on trips together because I know Gina will look out for Sherwanna.”

Gina explained why she works hard during the week. “I save my paychecks so I can do things,” she said referring to the many trips that she and Sherwanna have taken.

“We went to New York, Disney World, Bear Creek, Columbus, and Myrtle Beach,” Gina recalled. “She got a bad sunburn there,” Gina continued, pointing to Sherwanna, who nodded solemnly.

The pair recently returned from a trip to Memphis. “She picked it to see Elvis’ home,” Gina stated matter-of-factly, as she again pointed to Sherwanna. They traveled with Beyond Our Boundaries, which is an organization that plans and coordinates trips for adults with developmental disabilities to destinations all over the country.

“I liked it,” Sherwanna said sweetly. “I want to go back there.”

The roommates are not ready to put their suitcases on a shelf just yet. They already have two trips planned and are even looking beyond that for a bigger adventure. “I want to go to Canada!” Gina chirped, while Sherwanna nodded in agreement.

Safe travels, ladies. We can’t wait to see photos from your next roommate adventure!

Support Gina and Sherwanna – Support Issue 3

Thanks to the funding and support through Summit DD, Gina and Sherwanna have the opportunity to live their lives and fulfill their travel dreams. Learn more about the impact the levy has on our community.

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Hudson Hub Times

Summit DD levy set for November ballot

Summit County will ask voters to approve a six-year renewal of the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board’s 4.5- mill levy on the Nov. 7 General Election ballot…

Ilene Shapiro – Summit County Executive

County of Summit, Executive News Releases

On June 19, 2017 County Council adopted Resolution 2017-239, which will place the issue of renewing the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board’s (SCDDB) existing real property tax levy before voters this fall. Today, County Executive Shapiro signed the legislation, which is a critical step to continuing quality developmental disabilities programs and services to thousands in Summit County. The levy, which is NOT a new tax, will appear on the November 7, 2017 General Election ballot…

Stow Sentry

County hoping to renew developmental disabilities board levy

Summit County will ask voters to approve a six-year renewal of the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board’s 4.5 mill levy on the Nov. 7 General Election ballot…

Person-Centered Planning Goals

Person-centered planning is at the heart of Summit DD’s service coordination model. They strive to connect people to the services and supports that allow them to drive their own future. It’s inspiring to watch someone take control of their destiny and achieve great things. Ann Marie is certainly a role model to others when it comes to determining your own future and inspiring others. Read More ›

West Side Leader

Summit DD addresses need for renewal levy

By Ariel Hakim

DOWNTOWN AKRON — During the June 5 Summit County Council meeting, Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) Superintendent John Trunk explained the answer to a question he believes Council members may hear from constituents regarding the need for a November renewal levy for the agency…