Sample Letter to Editor, Parent

Dear Editor,

As a parent of a child with developmental disabilities, I have experienced firsthand the amazing work of the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD). Summit DD will have a levy on the upcoming November 7 ballot. This levy, Issue 3, is NOT a new tax and is critical to thousands of residents like myself. On behalf of those who rely on the valuable services provided directly and indirectly by Summit DD, I urge you to vote YES on Issue 3.

My son [daughter] is one of thousands of individuals in Summit County served by the Board.

Thanks to the guidance and coordination of Summit DD, I can be sure my son [daughter] is getting the services he [she] needs at the proper facilities across Summit County.

Summit DD provides critical programs that positively impact our community. If Issue 3 does not pass, it would put early intervention, recreation and Special Olympics in jeopardy, taking away opportunities for individuals just like my son [daughter].

Whether your family is directly served by the Summit DD or not, Issue 3 will positively impact our county at no additional cost. This is a renewal levy, meaning that residents will see no change on their taxes if it passes.

On November 7, I urge you to get out and vote to support Issue 3. It is critical to pass this levy in order to maintain the services that impact the lives of thousands of individuals and families, just like mine, across Summit County.



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