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Ballot Issue 3 asks for levy renewal, not increase, for county developmental disabilities board

Akron Beacon Journal

Ballot Issue 3 asks for levy renewal, not increase, for county developmental disabilities board

11/3/2017:  The Issue 3 proposed tax levy on Tuesday’s ballot does not call for an increase — the levy, if passed, will remain at the same level as the current levy that went into effect years ago…

Issue 3

Jasen Sokol Talks Issue 3

Issue 3 was the hot topic on the Jasen Sokol Show. They got into the importance of getting out to vote and the many new and innovative ways Summit DD is helping families, individuals and communities across Summit County. Listen to the entire segment here.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Yes on Summit County Issue 3, the developmental disabilities renewal levy: endorsement editorial

11/1/2017:  Summit County voters should not hesitate to vote “Yes” on Issue 3, renewing the 4.5-mill operating levy for the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board…

Summit Developmental Disabilities Board seeks levy renewal Nov. 7

Record Publishing

Voters in Summit County will be asked Nov. 7 to renew a tax issue that funds many of the programs and services provided by the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board…

Local Issues on General Election Ballot

South Side Leader

n addition to races for elected office, voters also may find state and local issues on their General Election ballots. Here’s a synopsis of the issues voters in the South Side News Leader’s coverage area should expect to see…

On the Air with the Ray Horner Morning Show

Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk and campaign coordinator, Billie Jo David had the opportunity to talk with WAKR’s Ray Horner on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Listen to what they had to say about Issue 3 and Summit DD. Hear the interview here.


Sample Newsletter Articles

You can help Support Summit DD spread the word about Issue 3 by including articles about the campaign in your email or print newsletters.  Please feel free to make these articles personal but here are some short articles your can include.

See the fall 2017 edition of Aspire by United Disability Services for a sample message from the CEO here.

Sample Newsletter Article

Summit County voters will find Issue 3 on the Nov. 7 ballot, a proposed renewal levy for the county Developmental Disabilities Board. More than 4,700 adults and children with developmental disabilities rely on this funding for essential services. This is not a new tax and will fund services from 2019 – 2024.  This funding makes up more than 80% of Summit DD’s funding.  It is essential that we continue this funding by voting for the levy.  If the levy fails, services like early intervention for kids and families, transition support to help teen gains jobs and support for Special Olympics would be discontinued.  I urge you to vote for Issue 3.  Vote early in-person or by absentee or go to the polls on November 7th.  Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about Issue 3.  Sign up for a yard sign to show your support.  Our communities are stronger when they include citizens of all abilities, make your vote empower abilities on Nov. 7th.  More information about Issue 3 can be found at

Sample Letter to Editor, Disability Service Provider

Dear Editor,

Issue 3 on the November 7 ballot is critical not only to the individuals served by the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD), it is also critical to our local economy. As a small business owner operating in Summit County, I manage a [state which service, residential, transportation, day program] serves individuals eligible for Summit DD services. In order to maintain the services currently offered to thousands of individuals across the county, I urge you to vote YES on Issue 3.

Serving individuals with developmental disabilities is my passion. Thanks to the support of Summit DD, our program has empowered individuals to live their lives to the fullest. Each year the Summit DD coordinates supports for more than 4,700 adults and children. Without the coordination and funding that this levy generates for Summit DD, none of this would be possible.

As a partner agency of the Summit DD, my business relies on funding from the Board. This funding supports the operations of our [state which service, residential, transportation, day program]. If Issue 3 fails, our ability to continue to provide these services and employ direct care professionals will be in jeopardy. We cannot allow this levy to fail.

Above all else, remember Issue 3 is NOT A NEW TAX. Since this is a renewal levy, residents will see a zero percent increase in the taxes they currently pay.

Vote for Issue 3 on November 7 to help disability service providers like myself continue to work with Summit DD to empower people of all abilities.


[Partner Agency]

Sample Letter to Editor, Parent

Dear Editor,

As a parent of a child with developmental disabilities, I have experienced firsthand the amazing work of the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD). Summit DD will have a levy on the upcoming November 7 ballot. This levy, Issue 3, is NOT a new tax and is critical to thousands of residents like myself. On behalf of those who rely on the valuable services provided directly and indirectly by Summit DD, I urge you to vote YES on Issue 3.

My son [daughter] is one of thousands of individuals in Summit County served by the Board.

Thanks to the guidance and coordination of Summit DD, I can be sure my son [daughter] is getting the services he [she] needs at the proper facilities across Summit County.

Summit DD provides critical programs that positively impact our community. If Issue 3 does not pass, it would put early intervention, recreation and Special Olympics in jeopardy, taking away opportunities for individuals just like my son [daughter].

Whether your family is directly served by the Summit DD or not, Issue 3 will positively impact our county at no additional cost. This is a renewal levy, meaning that residents will see no change on their taxes if it passes.

On November 7, I urge you to get out and vote to support Issue 3. It is critical to pass this levy in order to maintain the services that impact the lives of thousands of individuals and families, just like mine, across Summit County.



Sample Letter to Editor, General Public

Dear Editor,

The Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) is a critical resource for our community, whether or not you or your family is directly served. Issue 3 on the November 7 ballot is NOT a new tax and will not cost voters additional money.

There are thousands of individuals who are served either directly or indirectly by Summit DD. Our county benefits from millions of dollars in federal Medicaid funding for Summit DD, and several thousand individuals with developmental disabilities and their families receive supporting services through private providers. The programs Summit DD coordinates help to ensure all citizens, regardless of ability, are included in the community.

The best thing about this levy is that our county can continue receiving these benefits without paying any additional taxes. This is a renewal levy, meaning that residents will not see any change on their taxes if it passes.

Issue 3 will allow Summit DD to continue funding services for programs such as early intervention, recreation, Special Olympics, day programs, respite and employment for more than 4,700 adults and kids. Many individuals find employment in the community, and it is wonderful to see them engaged and working in the community in various businesses.

I encourage all residents to vote for Issue 3 on November 7. It is critical for this to pass and maintain the services we provide to individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.


[Your signature and city]